Project Description

Project Brief & Strategy

Rio Vista Media recently partnered with Product Source International, a company that sells multiple in-demand products, to develop a top shelf brand for it’s newest product called Renew CBD Gold Oil. The client wanted an iconic logo and small bottle label design. According to the client, the branding needed to look and feel “balanced, healthy and relaxing” with a “yin yang” icon included somewhere.

Renew CBD Gold Oil is a dietary supplement used as a sub-lingual spray oil.  It contains a medicinal substance called CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD is taken from the Cannabis Hemp Plant – not to be mistaken with the Cannabis Marijuana Plant which contains THC.  CBD is reported to be very beneficial for curing many health problems. CBD oil is safe and will not get you “stoned.” No worries dude.

Initial Concept Reference A


Initial Concept Reference B


Project Design Samples

Simple Label Design   |   Video Motion Graphics   |   eCommerce Website

Logo and Label Design
Motion Graphics Video
eCommerce Website

Scope of Work Performed

Basically starting from scratch, Rio Vista Media was able to implement a step by step branding process for a new health product.  Step 1 – was to consult with the client and assess their goals and desires. Step 2 – was to research and learn about the product to design a logo and photograph assets. Step 3 – involved creating and developing all the digital graphics and marketing content such as:  Product Label Design; Email Marketing Setup; Motion Graphics Video with Professional Voice Over; eCommerce Website and Social Media Marketing Setup.

Project Planning

Illustration & Asset Photography

Research & Content Creation

Graphic Design

Email Marketing Setup

Video & Animation Production

eCommerce Website Design

Social Media Setup


Initial Logo Concept Planning

Each branding and marketing project must create an identity to use as a base for all other design content. The Renew CBD Oil brand needed a design that addressed a human need which for this product involved improving a person’s overall health. RVM decided to utilize a young female human face to suggest good health.

Additional Logo and Branding Concepts

Designing a solid branded logo or icon involves bringing together various supporting design elements that relate to a product, service, company name or a special event. Renew CBD Oil needed a human facial expression that showed a face of “contentment” or “renewal.”

Final Logo and Branding Concept Idea

A well branded business, product or service will always be successful if it portrays quality or at least fulfills a basic human need.  Consumers are naturally drawn to quality and appeal such is found in anything associated with gold which is why RVM designed the Renew CBD Oil brand with a liquid gold droplet.

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Balanced, Healthy & Relaxed Brand

A well designed brand should invoke an emotional response from consumers. The goal for any brand is to be remembered in a positive light.  Good brand recognition and customer loyalty is not achieved overnight it must be “earned” through proper management; interesting content creation; excellent customer service; online and social media presence as well as good old fashion quality and substance.


Excellent Results

At the end of the day, professional digital marketing is the cornerstone for a successful brand. In the case of our client’s product, Renew CBD Gold Oil, they were very happy with the results of Rio Vista Media’s branding and digital marketing campaign.  Currently, Renew CBD Oil is one of the top selling competitors in the CBD oil supplement market with sales expected to increase using Google and Facebook Insights.