Project Description

Project Brief

Fresh Filters are sold by Product Source International (PSI) as a smoking cessation product. The filters utilize a patented design to filter out the harmful chemicals, smoke and tar from cigarettes. The filters are sold to help people reduce tar and nicotine intake thus helping them quit smoking gradually or basically “cut back” on their smoking habit.

Rio Vista Media was asked to create a “fresh” new identity (logo); design the packaging for the filters; and develop an E-commerce website.

3D Visual A

Fresh Filter Close-Up 1

Photography Visual B


Project Design Samples

Logo Design   |   Packaging   |   E-Commerce Website

Overall FRESH Project Requirements

Along with designing a new logo and a new website – PSI asked us to create several supportive collateral graphics for trade shows such as stand alone banners, leaflets and video motion graphics. Also required was product photography, online Ebay ads and display banners. The final task was to FIX a pre-existing out-dated YouTube video.

  • Identity & Branding
  • Packaging
  • Website Development
  • 3D Visualization
  • Video Production
  • Collateral Marketing Materials

Rio Vista Media (RVM) and Product Source International (PSI) have a formed a partnership in which RVM will provide ongoing design and graphics for all of PSI’s new and existing products. The partnership includes all digital marketing communications.

Initial Logo Concept Planning

Fresh Filters are helping people quit smoking or at least “cut-back” on smoking. Since Fresh Filters involve cigarettes, RVM thought the Fresh branded logo design should resemble a classic cigarette brand such as Lucky Strike Cigarettes. The Lucky Strike brand uses a circular logo design.

Additional Logo and Branding Concepts

Further concept planning of the logo and branding required a design that would communicate to customers that FRESH is a health improvement product. RVM thought the logo design should include something from nature such as a green leaf which is an natural icon often associated with good health and healthy living.

Final Logo and Branding Concept Idea

As a final finishing touch on the overall Fresh Filters brand and logo design, Rio Vista Media wanted to use the classic association of “fresh air” helping a person to achieve overall good health.

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Healthy & Encouraging Brand

Fresh Filters were branded to appeal to the consumer’s desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has addictions to something in their life – the problem is that some addictions are not good for a person. Whether it’s intentional or not we believe here at Rio Vista Media that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life. People make mistakes but we hope that the mistake of smoking can be overcome and reversed for the better. Fresh is an encouraging product.

Excellent Results

To date, FRESH Filters have become a top competitor in the smoking cessation industry. There are several competitors selling a smoking filter product but only FRESH offer scientific data and Arista Laboratory tested results showing that the product actually works. Here at RVM we are pleased with the overall marketing communication results and so is our client, Product Source International. The FRESH Filter brand is a bold brand that truly wants to help people.