Project Description

Project Brief

The Client presented the problem that stylus and pen combinations were not selling effectively. We asked – why not?  The Client said, “pen & stylus combinations are convenient BUT they also offer the user more CONTROL over their paper and mobile touchscreen surfaces.”  So we suggested creating a “bold design” to convey the idea that the (2 in 1) pen was a great way for the user “TO GAIN CONTROL” when writing on different surfaces.  We knew we had to show the POWER and CONTROL of the product to the consumer.

The Challenge

The Client obviously wanted to sell a lot of the product.   We knew there were two methods of selling the product – Retail and Online sales.  For Retail we needed to design a package that would quickly and easily show the (2 in 1) pen & stylus ability – so we exposed both ends of the product with clear plastic to show the pen side and the stylus side.  For the Online sales we knew we needed to create a 3D animation to show how the product works. We decided on realistic 3D to help give it a technical look.

The Solution

We set out by first coming up with the POWER logo identity.  We researched power symbols and realized the best power symbol that related to the product was a “clenched fist.”  The clenched fist conveyed both POWER and CONTROL.  The next step was creating a slogan which usually is a difficult task but in this case it was a “No Brainer” – hence the slogan, GET CONTROL. For the product name PRECISE we created a logo that conveyed precision and technical sophistication. The 3D animation was the last step.

Conceptual Design & 3D Modeling


Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

Every project we work on involves some degree of graphic design or motion design. We love designing new stuff and even redesigning old stuff.


Before we ever touch a computer mouse or a video camera we first sketch out the general concept. We love drawing.

Design Mockups

Our Clients need to see progress on every project. Occasionally we provide mockups to help them feel confident in our work.

3D Modeling & Animation

Some projects require 3D modeling and animation. 3D gives us flexibility to achieve amazing results for any advertising project.

Final 3D Animation Video

We knew we had to give the product a power boost. So we went with a “powerful clenched fist” as our creative approach.  We also wanted to keep the technical side of the stylus pen which is why we created the 3D animation to show how the 2 in 1 pen and stylus worked.

- Jonathan Davis | Art Director | Animator